past recipients

Karyn Andreassend

“The Evelyn Rawlins Trust have been extremely helpful with my international vocal study, enabling me to attend both the legendary Richard Miller seminars in Australia, and the International School in Europe where I worked with
the Sarah Walker (UK) and Graham Johnson!
I have made life-long friends through their assistance as well as enabling me to develop my singing further which I still benefit from today. For that I am very grateful”
Karyn Andreassend



William McNeill

I started playing the French Horn aged 9. I soon joined the Manawatu Youth Orchestra, and eventually the Manawatu Sinfonia. Seven years after I first picked up the horn, I have regular lessons with David Cox, a very experienced horn player and teacher in Christchurch. Obviously, going to and from Christchurch several times a year can quickly build up costs, but thanks to the Evelyn Rawlins Trust, I have been able to concentrate only on the lessons, and my horn playing, rather than trying to fund my airfares. When I first came to David, I had just got Grade Eight from Trinity Guildhall. Next year, with David's help, I will be in a good position for going for LTCL.  I have now been playing in the National Youth Orchestra for two years and will be playing a concerto movement with the NZSO in late 2011.” William McNeill


Centrepoint Theatre

35 years ago the Evelyn Rawlins Performing Arts Trust gave most of its 1975 budget, the sum of $5,000, to the very new Centrepoint, to help establish in Palmerston North the first professional theatre beyond the four main New Zealand cities. The theatre since then has, in its own words, “built our reputation on outstanding theatre, designed to inspire, entertain and challenge audiences….we are particularly proud of our track record in producing local content for our local audiences.” Further to that, in 1997, Centrepoint set up several avenues for youth in theatre; summer schools, theatre workshops, forum evenings for schools, study packs; The Basement is a youth theatre group that regularly performs at Centrepoint.
Theatre for the present and the future is well served by Centrepoint.


Kieran van Bunnik

In 2010 I was very fortunate to have the Mavis & Beatrix Francis Arts trust help me attend and complete a full time performing arts course at Brent Street in Sydney by awarding me with a grant. The course taught me so much as a performer and made me who I am today.
This year has been my first year working as a professional dancer and it has been an amazing year, full of opportunities, such as being a dancer on the TV program “Dance Academy”, Teaching at Brent Street and being a dancer/extra in the new Baz Lurman movie “The Great Gatsby”.
I've had so many great experiences and there are many more just around the corner. I am thankful for everything the trust has done for me to make this dream a reality.” Kieran van Bunnik


The Manawatu Youth Orchestra Inc

“We are very grateful for the grant that helped purchase a Cor Anglais. This new instrument lifts the whole tone of the orchestra, and stimulates young people learning to play or have a go. We also now have a large number of our instruments maintained in great repair, thanks to a second grant to the Youth Orchestra – a rather burgeoning ensemble of over sixty young players. Over a thousand musicians have been through our two orchestras – the Youth Orchestra and our “community orchestra”, the Manawatu Sinfonia, which incidentally celebrate their 50 Jubilee in 2011, with a historical publication also assisted by a third grant.”
Allan Rae, President Manawatu Youth Orchestra & Manawatu Sinfonia


Renaissance Singers

"Renaissance Singers are most grateful to the Molly Atkinson Arts Trust and the Mavis and Beatrix Francis Arts Trust for the help that their grants have given us. We have been able to have top quality musicians and singers perform with the choir. Without the grants we would not have been able to afford the fees as we are a small choir but with a reputation for quality.
The grants from the Arts Trusts have enabled us to take advantage of the expertise of other musicians, and also to encourage some other younger soloists as they increase their repertoire and solo careers in New Zealand." Carrol Donoghue - Secretary


Some other Recipients include:

Soundworks Music School, Unity Singers, Timothy Shirriffs, Abbey Theatre School, Annie O'Connor, Highland Dance, Renaissance Singers, Kapa Haka, Te Kura Mairaro, Manawatu Competitions Society, Dance Assoc, Jessica Shipman, Square Edge, Choral Society, Regent Theatre, Manawatu Theatre Society, Shakespeare Globe Centre, Graeme Young, Michael Steer, Tu Tangata Whanau Culture Club, Robert Ibell, Guy Donaldson, Matthew Ross, Palmerston Operatic Society.